Pam Maz is a Graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology for Illustration and film. Prior to that she attended Fiorello H. Laguardia High School Of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

She is NOT currently open for any freelance work at this time as she is taking a break while focusing on her venus as a Boy Comic and other projects.

In her spare time Pam makes costumes and attends comic conventions as well as making accessories which are for sale at her webstore Zammap's Pretty Little Things

Pam Maz hopes to one day become an art director for fantasy and sci fi film. Until then she will continue working on comics.

Venus as a Boy

Zammap has published two issues of Venus as a Boy on Comixology. This is her first self published works.


Zammap has contrabuted artwork to the card game Apocalypze as well as designing the 9Kingdom company Logo. Zamamp also did cover work and inside art for their discountinued table top game rule book 9Kingdoms.

Abortion the Musical

Zammap was art director for the funny of die short Abortion the Musical creating props, costumes and sets.