Pam Maz is an illustrator who lives offgrid in the woods. She Graduated of the Fashion Institute of Technology for Illustration and film. Prior to that she attended Fiorello H. Laguardia High School Of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

She is currently working an adult coloring book.

Nothing much happens because she's too busy trying to stay alive.


Back in 2007 Zammap started a flash program called Mandomaker which helped Mandalorian costume builders plan their armor with an interactive and easy to use template. The last update was made in 2008 at version 3, but after 2019 large update has been made with version 5 which no longer uses flash and can be used on mobile. Mandomaker is still on going updates to reflect the many variations in Mandalorian costume armor.

Venus as a Boy

Zammap has been working on a webcomic called Venus as a Boy which can be found on tapas and Webtoons. Issues one and two were previously sold on Comixology.


Zammap has contrabuted artwork to the card game Apocalypze as well as designing the 9Kingdom company Logo. Zammap also did cover work and inside art for their discountinued table top game rule book 9Kingdoms.